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        The White Orchid Adult Family Home was founded in January of 2009. Both myself and my husband worked tirelessly to add an addition to our home to accommodate the needs of the aging baby boomer population. It was designed not only to cater to the capable senior but also fitted with doors and hallways wide enough to allow those in wheelchairs and with special needs to live comfortably.  The idea to construct such an addition to our home and host senior citizens started when we both acquired jobs in working in an adult family home in Cleveland . We enjoyed working with the elderly so much, that when we moved to AvonLake , we decided to continue this endeavor.

Adult Care Home Ohio


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          Avon Lake is a stellar neighborhood filled with beautiful homes, friendly neighbors and safe surroundings. The addition or rather senior facility we attached to our home has three bedrooms which can accommodate up to three residents. Each room is fully furnished, including a television, bed, dresser and chair. The beds themselves are very comfortable and suitable for those with various health needs/concerns. The bathroom has a walk-in shower and each room within the facility has been constructed to bring in a large amount of sunlight. Also, each room has a different design, making it unique and fun. However, all rooms have a cozy, homey feel to them.  


        The meals served to the residents are extremely healthy and include a good amount of delicious fresh fruit, hearty vegetables and an array of different types of meats. We serve three meals a day and provide snacks in between. 


           One of the most difficult challenges a family can face is finding a safe, clean and enjoyable environment for their loved ones. The White Orchid Adult Care Home is dedicated in providing a fun-filled, homey environment for its residents while ensuring a comfortable atmosphere that promotes dignity, independence, respect and privacy.

        The White Orchid Adult Care Home is dedicated to meeting the health-related needs of the elderly, as well. The staff provides the highest level of professional care to all its residents. The goal and mission of our establishment is to do as aforementioned and that is provide a safe, secure, fun and loving environment for our great senior citizens!

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Avon Lake Care Home

         Residential Care Homes are private homes that serve residents who live together and receive care from live in caregivers.

  Placed into a nice neighborhood residential care homes provide a person to person care for elderly adults.

         Our Adult Home Care facility is a single family residence and we have in care   3 to 5 residents.   We offer 24/7 full    nursing home type services but in the same time a home like setting for our residents .You will find us a good alternative of a nursing home , especially for dads and moms who might be intimidated by larger communities.

        In our home care facility we welcome everybody and make themfeel likenever left their homes.


        Our facility it was licensed by Ohio Department of Health after a close and thorough inspection.   

         Our Home Care Facility has a back porch and a garden. We welcome our residents to get involved in our little garden project to the point where they feel comfortable.

        We offer assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and anything else our residents needs help with.

        We also offer respite care witch is temporary break for caregivers (families) and is allowing to residents to have a short-term stay and to accommodate to their future home.

        Our adult care home respite residents receive all of the services of the community.

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